About Me

I have an M.Ed. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Cambridge College in Cambridge, MA, received in 1999.  I have been licensed as a counselor since 2000 as both a Marriage and Family Therapist and a psychotherapist.  I chose the field of marriage and family therapy because I believe that it’s important to think of people’s issues as being part of their lives rather than just limited to the person. You don’t exist all by yourself!

Working with individuals is exciting as I can not only help people move forward but can also help them become aware of that forward movement, which they often don’t notice. Also I love working with families and seeing them reconnect in whole new ways that allow them to feel important and loved.

I have a lot of life experience (which you can see from looking at my picture!) and I apply both that experience and my training to the process of counseling.  I work to understand and appreciate your own life experience, which I know is so different from mine.  My aim is to help you live your life in the best way possible given who you are and what you want to accomplish.  It’s your therapy and your agenda, not mine!

I have many years of experience in working with clients who have substance abuse problems and am knowledgeable about the issues that come with this disease.  I believe that separating substance abuse from mental health issues is not the best way to treat either one if they’re both present.  I will help you figure out how each affects the other and how to make peace with yourself.

I practice EMDR, which is a form of bilateral stimulation (not hands-on) that helps you to work through feelings that get in the way of being your best (see the link on the main page–“What is EMDR?”).  EMDR helps with symptoms associated with PTSD–nightmares, fear, agitation, flashbacks, anxiety, depression; fears such as flying and going to the dentist; and phobias.  I also utilize Gentle Reprocessing, which is guided imagery coupled with bilateral stimulation and is extremely useful for addressing symptoms associated with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and processing painful emotions.  I practice hypnotherapy as well, which is helpful in getting to the source of issues.